ISET II, Konrad Ziolkowski
Material: Patinated Bronze, White Marble, Igneous Rock
Dimensions: 60x16x27
Author’s Edition: 2/10 (each sculpture ultimately looks different including patina base and material, only the base cast of the sculpture is the same)
Year of creation: 2022
The sculpture is in perfect condition and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
The sculpture is signed and numbered by hand by the artist.

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Konrad Ziolkowski – ISET II

The sculpture ISET II was created from bronze, white marble and igneous rock. This is the second cast of ten, each cast is treated and finished differently. All sculptures have a different patina and base which ultimately forms an integral part of the ISET figure. When creating the ISET II sculpture I wanted to create a subdued and rather calm character of the whole composition. I decided not to use strong color accents as always.

Two faces, prepared to find a common dialogue and maintain it with others. Two faces that mean our flexibility, understanding and a sincere desire to communicate with another person or to find a solution to an existing situation. Faces that are a sign of wisdom and understanding for difficult tasks, tasks that in which sometimes we have to forget about ourselves in order to find an understanding, a common language.
What happens when we want to be understanding or we want to compromise, we have to give up something to someone, sometimes to understand it, but for another good. We use one face or the other, what gives off in us what feeling is this kind of confusion of contentment with dissatisfaction. The symbol of this feeling is the matter between the two stone lumps of the bottom. Between the two differences, when we are dealing with a compromise or forbearance, our one block of beliefs or willingness will go in someone else’s block of beliefs… way in life. When these plans are met and the common willingness to find a compromise, one basis is created consisting of two plans and a compromise is created between them, understanding, is this successful dialogue. A small accent, but a very important one, otherwise these two blocks would not be complete. The work is dedicated to a people who can understand the problems of others and do not think only about themselves…